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The luxury world’s push for the constant refinement of, well, everything, has rendered everything from our grooming routines to our workout gear better and better. And now, that wave has finally landed on our house cleaning routines.

A raft of brands that are better known for their fragrances and skincare products is leading the way, with Diptyque now offering brilliantly scented (and surprisingly effective) multi-surface cleaner, Dr. Barbara Sturm putting out high-end laundry detergent, and even Aesop creating a pet shampoo that’s tough enough for Fido but gentle enough to double as a hand wash. These products have coincided with a group of new brands specifically dedicated to elevating the everyday, including L’Avant collective, which are quickly gaining popularity among everyday users and professional cleaners.

“Treating yourself to luxurious household products brings a bit of joy to the weekly routine,” says Allyson Arneson, a Knoxville, Tenn, cleaning expert with more than 50 years of experience under her belt. Naturally, Arneson counts herself as someone who enjoys cleaning, and these products only further enhance that joy. “Preparing your home for guests with perfumed products will make them feel all the more welcome, and will turn your home into a sanctuary for yourself.”

Herein, we’ve assembled some of our favorite luxury cleaning products. Don’t think of them as options for housewarming gifts—Arneson says others might find them a little passive-aggressive—but rather as a way to treat yourself, or your regular cleaner. And while there’s nothing specifically wrong with a spray bottle of Spic and Span, nothing you’ll find on the shelf at a drugstore smells nearly as good as the options below.